Kids of the Famous Get Dirty

October 7, 2005

Howard took a call from Robert Blake’s son, Noah, one of the stars of E!’s “Filthy Rich Cattle Drive.” Noah explained that the show focuses on children of D-list celebrities as they are forced to go on an actual cattle drive. Noah mentioned that he didn’t really bond with any of the other cast members from the show. He also added that when he got involved with it, the show had no title, so he didn’t know what it would be about. Noah admitted that, if he had realized what the show’s premise was from the beginning, he probably wouldn’t have agreed to be on it.

Breaking the Family Ties

Howard pointed out that, unlike his father who once threatened Howard during an interview, Noah sounded normal. Noah commented that people tend to think he is going to behave just like his father, even though the two aren’t alike at all. He went on to say that he doesn’t have much to do with Robert anymore, and that the two haven’t gotten along for quite a while. Robin asked Noah what caused the rift in his relationship with his dad, but he didn’t want to get into too many details. He did acknowledge, though, that the two of them had a strained relationship ever since Noah was a child and that it continued as he got older.

Noah claimed that he purposely avoided paying close attention to his dad’s murder trial, although he did admit it was tough given all the media coverage it received. Howard wondered if Noah thought his dad was guilty of killing Bonnie Lee Blakely. Noah recalled that when he asked his dad if he did it, Robert looked him right in the eye and said he didn’t. Noah commented that his father’s denial was good enough for him.