Be Careful What You Say

October 11, 2005

Tony Romando from “Sync Magazine” called in to discuss some of the high-tech gadgets available to people who think their significant others are cheating. Tony reported that some of the hottest pieces of spy equipment out there are cell phones that can easily be tapped by a third party, as well as computer software that allow a person to read everything someone else types on his or her computer.

Tony admitted that such equipment isn’t legal in all states, but added that it is effective for anyone wishing to catch someone being unfaithful. Howard commented that, although he loved the idea of being able to intrude on a person’s life, he thought it would be too unethical to actually do so. Artie noted that such devices would be great to use for entertainment purposes alone, but added that he agreed with Howard’s conclusion that such behavior would cross some serious lines. However, Robin said that she felt most people wouldn’t experience the guilt Howard and Artie mentioned, so they wouldn’t have problems eavesdropping whenever they could.