Damn Yankees

October 11, 2005

Robin mentioned that she laughed this morning when she read that the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs last night. Robin mentioned that she couldn’t sleep last night, so she turned on some of the Yankees game just to watch them lose. After pointing out how un-American that was to say, Artie commented that he was really disappointed with the outcome. He did admit, though, that he was happy he didn’t have to stay up until 1 a.m. watching the games anymore.

Eric Gets His Way

Artie mentioned that, while he was at the game Friday night, a security guard came up to him to ask him if he knew some guy that was trying to get into his section. When Artie looked to see who the guard was talking about, it was, of course, High Pitch Eric. Artie said he got up to say hello because he knew that would be the only way Eric would leave him alone the rest of the night. Howard asked Artie if he thought Eric understood baseball or if he is just the kind of guy who goes to games simply to wander around. Artie responded that he has seen Eric at both Yankees and Knicks games and that he is always on the move. Howard then wondered how Eric was able to constantly get into important events. Tom Chiusano came into the studio and concluded Eric is able to get what he wants because he has a good wrap. Tom also added that Eric drops Howard’s name whenever he can, which also helps his cause.