The Reality of Married Life

October 12, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard commented that he didn’t understand why Gary got married when he did. Howard pointed out that when Gary met his future wife, Mary, he was on top of the world, producing Howard’s show and also getting all kinds of women. After ignoring Howard’s statement, Gary admitted that there was some truth to Sal’s logic in his relationship with Mary. Gary explained that while he and Mary dated, he tried to make as much money as he could by making guest appearances at places like car dealerships and strip clubs. He added that during this time, Mary never complained about his plan. However, Gary said as soon as they got married, Mary started asking him if the appearances he was making at strip clubs was ruining his image. Gary noted that since he had no image at the time, he knew that Mary was really telling him she didn’t feel like explaining to her friends that he was appearing at a strip club.