An Impromptu Challenge

October 14, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bubba noted that, even though he had met everyone else from the show, he had never been formally introduced to Fred. Brent brought up how great Fred is and also commented on his extreme intelligence. Bubba then pointed out that Brent was no slouch when it came to smarts, so he thought Brent and Fred should play a game of “Win Fred’s Money.” Howard warned Brent that Fred once read the entire encyclopedia and retained much of the information, so he was picking him to win. Even though Robin also went with Fred, Bubba insisted that Brent would hold his own. Howard instructed Fred to leave the room so Brent could be asked the questions. He also promised both Brent and Bubba that Fred had no prior knowledge of what was to be asked. The following are the questions that Howard read as well as the responses both contestants gave: (1) What country is known as the Hellenic Republic? Brent guessed Turkey while Fred was correct with his answer, Greece. (2) Cordelia, Goneril and Regan are daughters of which Shakespearian-titled character? While Brent incorrectly guessed “Macbeth,” Fred got the question right when he said “King Lear.” (3) What did God tell Moses to remove at the burning bush? Brent answered “his robe,” which was incorrect. Fred, however, was correct when he guessed “his shoes.” (4) When measuring heat quantity, what does BTU stand for? Brent didn’t have a guess while Fred was correct with his answer of British thermal units. (5) If you suffer from triskaidekaphobia, what are you afraid of? Again, Brent had no response while Fred was correct with his reply, “the number 13.” (6) In what battle did General Custer have his last stand? Both players correctly went with Little Big Horn. (7) What junk-bond king received a 10-year jail sentence in the 1990s? The answer was Michael Milken, which, of course, only Fred got right. Even though Fred answered all the questions correctly and Brent got only one right, Howard told him not to get too upset with himself. Howard went on to say that at least Brent didn’t think “General Custard” was the person referred to in the sixth question, as whoever wrote the question for Howard did.