The Schedule Takes Shape

October 17, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard was finally able to get Beth O, who was working early this morning, on the line to confirm her appearance on Double A’s show next week. Beth told Howard that she would definitely be Double A’s guest and that anytime in the beginning of the week was good for her. After settling on 6 p.m. Monday October 24th for the airing of the show, Beth commented that she was leaving all the details of the show up to Double A. Howard asked Double A if he thought he’d be able to speak while in Beth’s presence, given his desire for her. Double A assured Howard that, despite his attraction to Beth, he would have plenty of questions lined up for her. In addition to Double A’s show, Howard announced that he was also planning on putting a microphone in Scores on Saturday night for Ronnie the Limo Driver’s birthday party. Howard noted that, because of some of the party’s attendees’ contracts with Viacom, they can’t be on SIRIUS until 2006. Therefore, Howard said that, just to play it safe, the broadcast from Scores will still air on Saturday, but it will be on a delay starting at 10 p.m. Howard then announced the following schedule for Howard 100 for the next two weeks: • Thursday, October 20th – Wendy the Retard all day; • Saturday, October 22nd – Ronnie’s birthday party at 10 p.m.; • Monday, October 24th – Double A’s interview with Beth at 6 p.m.; • Tuesday, October 25th – Angry Black and King of All Blacks (Time TBD). • Thursday, October 27th – High Pitch Eric all day, how much crap is really in High Pitch? >