Songs in the Key of Wives

October 19, 2005

Howard announced that he was excited because Stevie Wonder will be dropping by the studio tomorrow. Although Gary wasn’t sure if Stevie planned on singing during his appearance, he still asked Howard to pick out some songs he’d want to hear if he does perform. After going through all the great songs and albums Stevie has recorded, Howard instructed Gary to just tell Stevie to be prepared to play snippets of each song he has ever written. Gary reported that Stevie’s people had informed him that he will be turning the tables on Howard tomorrow and will be quizzing Howard about his new CD, “A Time 2 Love.” Howard responded that since he is a big fan of Stevie he will listen to the disc, but added that he could make Stevie believe he had heard it even if he didn’t give it a spin. Howard was very excited because, between Stevie’s music and five marriages, he will have a great deal to talk about with him tomorrow.