Impressing the Guests

October 24, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As William Shatner sat down in the studio, Howard informed him that two people from “60 Minutes” were present because they are doing a story about his move to satellite. Howard then asked William to give him a compliment so he could look good in front of the reporters, but all William could come up with was to point out that it seemed like Howard had gotten a haircut, which he hadn’t.

A Man of All Media

After playing some soundboard clips of George Takei talking about William, Howard congratulated him on winning his second Emmy for his role on “Boston Legal.” William acknowledged the honor, but claimed he didn’t even remember who he beat in the category. Howard pointed out that William didn’t seem to be that excited about his award and he responded that it was because he was even more thrilled about his induction into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame later tonight. Howard wondered why William was getting such a distinction seeing as he wasn’t in radio and William informed him that he did, in fact, have a radio show in Canada some years back. William went on to say that his show was so influential that he was convinced Howard actually stole some of the bits he did from him.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

Howard brought up James Doohan, who played Scotty on “Star Trek” and who spent decades before his death badmouthing Shatner and commented that it must’ve been tough for William to decide whether or not to go to his funeral. Howard reasoned that, on one hand, James hated William, so his family would probably feel the same way, but that, conversely, if William didn’t go to the service, everyone would think he was a scumbag.William admitted that James’ feelings toward him caused him not to go to the funeral, even though they knew each other for so many years. Howard pointed out that he thought William was being too kind. Howard went on to say that William should’ve held a free autograph signing across the street from James’ funeral as payback for all the things he said about him.