‘Dirty Jokes’ on Disc

October 25, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that Gilbert Gottfried was dropping by the studio to promote his new DVD, “Gilbert Gottfried Dirty Jokes.” Howard pointed out that Gilbert came up with the idea of releasing his own DVD of standup material only after hearing Artie talk about how successful his was.

Gilbert came in and admitted that not only has he never purchased a DVD, but he doesn’t even own a DVD player either. Gilbert also acknowledged that he did rely on Artie for help with his DVD, which he claimed was depressing seeing as he couldn’t believe Artie had a career in show business in the first place. Artie then recalled that Gilbert showed up at one of his standup gigs once, which Artie thought was a big compliment. However, Artie said he soon found out that Gilbert was there only because he wanted some tips on how to film his act. Gary then told Howard that Gilbert was selling his DVD through his Web site and that he charges more for an autographed copy. Howard wondered if anyone would really be looking for Gilbert’s autograph and added that he thought Gilbert’s signature would actually devalue the disc. Robin noted that the only way Gilbert’s autograph will become valuable will be if he commits a crime that catches the country’s attention.