The Ben and Ray Show

Howard's gets his parents on the phone to discuss a future on-air time slot

October 25, 2005

News that High Pitch’s show may need to be switched from the SIRIUS studio to his apartment, got Howard thinking.

The King of All Media believes his parents, Ray and Ben Stern, could broadcast this coming Thursday at 7 p.m. instead. Howard added that High Pitch’s shift will begin Monday morning and that all the details of the performance will be the same.

Just to make sure his mom and dad were available for Thursday night’s show, Howard got Ray on the line. After Howard explained to her that she and Ben would be fielding questions from listeners during their program, Ray asked Howard if she could speak to him privately about the idea. However, during their discussion Ben got on phone and assured Howard they’d definitely do the show.

Howard mentioned that his mom gets nervous at the thought of having to do something out of her routine, but that he knew his dad would understand.