The Scoop on the Poop Delay

October 25, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that his news team found out that High Pitch Erik’s performance on Thursday might have to be postponed. Howard went on to explain that Sirius execs informed him that having someone move his bowels in the building, outside of the restrooms, would be a health code violation, so other arrangements would need to be made. However, the Howard 100 News team contacted the board of health, who claimed such an act wasn’t a violation. Howard reported that the news team tried to get a comment on the matter from top SIRIUS execs, but they couldn’t get one. Howard announced that, to play it safe they are now going to do the show from Erik’s apartment and that they might need more time to prepare for it. Howard said if that is the case, his parents’ show will air sometime on Thursday as a replacement program. High Pitch called in and demanded that Ralph Cirella would still have to come visit him during the broadcast even if it was held at his apartment. Howard pointed out that since Erik has developed a crush on Ralph (as did Wendy when Ralph visited her when she spent 24 hours on the air on Howard 100), he’d be sure to accommodate High Pitch’s request.