It’s All About Who You Know

October 28, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Songwriter and philanthropist, Denise Rich, dropped by to talk about some of the projects she has in the works. Howard reported that Denise is worth $200 million and that some of that money came after she divorced her husband, Marc. Howard went on to explain that her ex-husband was one of the people pardoned by President Clinton before he left office, a decision President Clinton has publicly admitted was a mistake on his part.

Denise told Howard that she was good friends with the Clintons long before her husband was pardoned and even acknowledged her relationship with them was one of the reasons Bill was treated the way he was. However, Denise swore on the lives of her children that she never had sex with President Clinton, even after Howard pointed out that there are different definitions of what sex really is.

A Rich Heart

Gary revealed that he has been to Denise’s Manhattan apartment and that it is stunning. Gary noted that not only does Denise’s apartment have a perfect view of Central Park, it also has three floors. Gary added that for an Emmys party Denise threw in the late 1990s, she had skating rink built on her patio and hired people to cover themselves in gold and skate around all night. Howard insisted to Denise that she start inviting him to some of her important parties, to which she responded that he was always welcome.Denise also pointed out that the lavish parties she hosts are always held to raise money for charities and that people should visit for information about an upcoming ball she is organizing to raise money for cancer research. Howard noted that Denise seems to be a rich person who actually cares about giving back to people, which is an ideology he admitted he couldn’t fathom.