Godfather of Soul James Brown Says Goodbye

November 1, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Mr. James Brown and his wife, Tomi Rae, came into the studio for their last appearance before Howard leaves for SIRIUS. When Howard referred to his guest as “Mr. Brown,” James pointed out that they have been friends for so long that he has to start calling him by his first name. James went on to say that Howard is the best personality radio has ever had and that he’ll follow him wherever he goes. Howard responded, telling James he couldn’t know how much that kind of compliment meant to him.

Howard added that if his classmates at Roosevelt High School, all of whom loved James’ music, knew he would one day be getting praise from the man himself, they would’ve beaten him up even worse than they did, but it would’ve been easier to take.

More Junk in the Trunk

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After Howard played a clip of James singing in the studio while he, Gary and the rest of The Losers accompanied him, he noted that James had made many memorable appearances on the program. Howard asked James and Tomi how their marriage was doing, while Robin wanted to know if the couple lives in the same house.

Tomi responded that she and James do reside together with their son and that, although, they sometimes fight, they are very much in love. Howard then recalled that James once told him he wanted to make Tomi into the perfect woman, so he wondered if he was able to do that. Tomi revealed that, after she gave birth to their last son, she had some of the fat from her stomach removed and injected into her behind. James informed Howard that, although he loved Tomi before she had the work done, having fat injected into her buttocks was the best decision they ever made.

Godfather or Father

Tomi commented that James’ work ethic was one area that causes some turmoil in their relationship. Tomi explained that she would love to engage in more “normal” activities with her husband, but that his hectic schedule prevents her from doing so. James noted that, as much fun as he has with his family, he also has fun when he is creating music.

Howard pointed out that Tomi must’ve known James’ career was going to prevent them from leading a typical family life and she admitted that she did. However, Tomi went on to say that, just recently, she and James took their son to a carnival and that she wanted to have more of those kinds of outings.

The Hardest Working Man in the Bedroom

Because of James’ lifelong ability to score with women, Howard asked him if he finds himself engaging in sexual practices that he never thought he’d perform just to please his wife. James acknowledged that he’ll now do anything it takes to make Tomi happy and she added that, after a few training sessions, he’s now able to satisfy her in every way.

To illustrate just how good their sex life is, Tomi also informed Howard that she and James are physical with each other three times a day. When Howard questioned if that statement was exaggerated, Tomi swore to God that she was telling the truth.

See You on the Other Side

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard again thanked James for all the times he came on the show during the past two decades. James replied that he just bought a SIRIUS radio so he can listen to Howard and that he’s looking forward to visiting him at his new home. James also mentioned that he wants to live 200 years and that he hopes Howard lives just as long, minus one day.