The Pint-Sized Gripe

November 1, 2005

Howard reported that Eric the Midget was on the line, but before he took his call, Howard played a phone message Eric had left for him. In it, Eric called Howard all kinds of names and scolded him for not getting in touch with Simon Cowell to try to set up a date for him with either Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson.

When he put Eric’s call through, Howard informed him he shouldn’t have blasted him the way he did, because he had just booked Simon to appear on the show next week. Howard went on to explain to Eric that it takes time to arrange things with celebrities, and that he was out of line for reacting the way he did.

Eric apologized to Howard for the message he left and thanked him for all that he has done for him over the years.

Howard noted that, although he was mad at Eric, he’d still allow him to talk to Simon in an attempt to arrange a date with Carrie or Kelly.

When Robin insisted that Howard was too easy on Eric, he responded that performing acts like that is the only way he’s getting into heaven, so he has to take advantage of the opportunities whenever they present themselves.