A Star Is Born

November 3, 2005

Howard announced that, while looking for his old home videos that are going to air on iNDEMAND, his assistant, Laura, happened upon some audio tapes he made when he was about 13 years old. In the first clip, a young Howard was putting on a Batman show, going as far as giving each character a different voice.

Benjy pointed out that Howard’s voice transitions were so impressive that at first he thought there was more than one person on the recording. Howard also added musical sound effects to his performance and recalled that the instrument he was using was an accordion-organ hybrid that his dad got for free.

Howard also played a tape of himself preparing for his Bah Mitzvah. Howard pointed out that he spent a great deal of time memorizing his lines, but that he has never used them again. Howard also recalled that, as he was practicing his lines, relatives of his would gather around and follow his every word. Howard added that they’d then take any chance they could to point out when he screwed up.