Behind Closed Doors

November 3, 2005

Howard commented that although he considers himself to be friends with the executives at his Los Angeles affiliate, 97.1 KLSX, he has received word that they’re now playing contest promos over his show.

Howard commented that the people who are bowing down to the FCC are the same ones who will come crawling to satellite when they get fired for being indecent on the air.

Howard was also upset with some of the other jocks on his affiliate stations that knock him on the air and then send him audition tapes, in some cases begging him to hire them for Howard 100.

Howard again insisted that old fashioned radio will survive without him.

However, he added that, since he wants to get back to doing the kind of show he finds funny, he has no choice but to leave the medium.

Abiding by the Rules

Howard announced that when he made his decision to move to SIRIUS, Joel sat him down and told him that he could talk about it on the air, but that he couldn’t resort to doing sales pitches for the service.

Howard said he understood Joel’s reasoning and that he has adhered to those parameters for more than a year. Howard went on to point out that he could’ve been the bad guy and attacked people like David Lee Roth when he learned he was replacing him, but that he didn’t because he wanted to take the high road.

Howard admitted that, although he doesn’t like the idea of ranting about Joel for as long as he has, when he gets confronted with full-page ads that attempt to tear him apart, not to mention legal letters, he feels like his back is against the wall.

They Control Your Thoughts

A listener called in and informed Howard that he was bleeped as soon as he mentioned David Lee Roth’s name just a few minutes earlier.

When Howard noted that he hadn’t said anything bad about David, Robin pointed out that he’s now being censored not because of the potential legal ramifications of his words, but because the higher-ups simply don’t agree with what he’s saying.

Gary explained to Howard that there was a new corporate guy observing the editing process and that he may have been the one who suggested that David’s name be bleeped. Gary added that the guy said the reason he made the suggestion was laid out in the letter Howard recently received from Joel.

Because none of the points in the letter seemed to fit why he was censored this time, Howard said he’s no longer going to try to figure out what he’s doing wrong.

He added that he isn’t going to bring up the topic again and instead will concentrate on packing and saying goodbye to certain people during his remaining 27 shows.