A Little Licking With the Ticking

November 3, 2005

Bob also commented that even though he still resides in his old house, his son knows that he and his ex-wife aren’t married anymore. Bob added that he knows this for a fact because his son now refers to him by his first name.

A Little Licking With the Ticking

Howard brought up that he still has more interviews to do for his “60 Minutes” piece, which surprised Robin given the amount of time he has already spent with the program. Howard pointed out that there will be so much great material that doesn’t make the broadcast that he wished he could somehow turn it into a movie for iNDEMAND.

Bob noted that it didn’t take Artie this long to make “Beer League” and Howard responded that the care the people at “60 Minutes” put into each episode explains why the show has always been so good.

Gary agreed, and added that he hopes he gets some airtime simply because he’s such a big fan of the show. Gary admitted, though, that as soon as the lights went on during his interview, his mouth went completely dry, so he’s sure he’ll be seen licking his lips often no matter how much of his footage is used.