Working With What He’s Got

November 3, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show commenting that he was feeling peppy after finally getting some rest last night.

The Struggle Continues

However, Howard mentioned that his good mood was deteriorating because of correspondence he’s gotten from Joel Hollander that suggested he may be overstepping some previously agreed to guidelines.

Howard explained that, according to these documents, he’s been making fun of Joel and using his airtime to promote SIRIUS, two things he isn’t supposed do. Howard noted that he had always kept his mouth shut about Joel, until he took out a full-page ad last week in “Advertising Age” putting down his show. Howard commented that he will not sit back and let Joel insult him without some kind of response.

Howard also brought up that Joel is claiming his discussions about satellite are damaging Infinity. Howard read a report from a trade magazine that said not only is Howard receiving record ratings based on what he’s saying about SIRIUS, but Infinity is making record profits because of it as well. Howard went on to note that the magazine called his crusade against the FCC reality radio, with him being the hero and the FCC the villain.

Working With What He’s Got

After Gary announced that the delay button was pushed 23 times during yesterday’s show, Howard admitted that he hasn’t done a broadcast that has met his standards in a decade due to all the restrictions he faces. Howard did point out, though, that despite the censorship he receives, as well as the number of commercials that run every hour, he has still been able to maintain number one ratings in most of his markets. However, he added that apparently he doesn’t have enough number ones to make the company happy.

Don’t Sweat It

Howard mentioned that since his SIRIUS channels have been consuming all of his time, it only makes sense that he talks about it on the air. However, Howard assured everyone that nothing he says about his move will hurt Infinity.

To illustrate his point, Howard explained that, as of now, only 2.5 million people subscribe to SIRIUS, a total that equates to less than 1 percent of this country’s population. Howard commented that even if 10 million people sign up, the number still won’t be large enough to put a dent in the world of regular radio. Further, Howard noted that just because people have satellite systems doesn’t mean they can’t also tune into regular radio.

Given this, Howard noted that Joel has to stop worrying about him and start focusing on his new shows. Howard pointed out that, good or bad, Joel is going to be responsible for the ratings his replacements produce and that, in his opinion, he isn’t spending his energy wisely.