Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

November 4, 2005

Howard began the show by admitting that he had to apologize to his listeners. Howard explained that he received a number of e-mails suggesting that he look past what Joel Hollander has been doing to him and limit his tirades on the air.

Howard commented that, because he has so much going for him with his future on satellite, he’s going to take the emailer’s advice.

Howard went on to say that, not only did he receive more legal letters yesterday, but he also heard that the disc jockeys on 97.1 KLSX in Los Angeles were ripping on him even harder than before.

However, Howard noted that he has decided to look past it. Gary mentioned that he spent time with Howard yesterday going over some things for SIRIUS and that he seemed so happy to be doing it that he should, in fact, just focus on his move from here on out.

Howard read some e-mails from people criticizing his tirades yesterday and acknowledged that, even though he’d love to argue with the listeners, he knew he couldn’t because they were right. Howard went on to say that he lost it during yesterday’s show and that he wouldn’t let the situation get the better of him again.