From Rapper to Actor

November 7, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Rapper and movie star, 50 Cent, stopped by the studio to talk about his new movie, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” as well as the film’s soundtrack.

Fifty reported that he spent three months in Toronto shooting the movie, and that the process was a learning experience for him. Because this was 50’s first starring role in a movie, he acknowledged that he needed an acting coach during the first three weeks, but became comfortable enough with what he had to do that he worked on his own after that.

Baring It All for the Role

Robin commented that she heard 50 had a nude scene with other guys in “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” which he admitted was true. Fifty went on to explain that since the scene involved a fight in a prison’s shower and since the director, Jim Sheridan, wanted to make the movie as real as possible, he decided filming in the buff was the right way to go.

However, 50 assured Howard that no one was aroused during the scene and that all the actors were very professional.

Fifty also revealed that he showed up for his love scene with costar, Joy Bryant, completely naked. Fifty reported, though, that while Joy remained clothing-free, she demanded that 50 put a sock on his member. Fifty said he agreed to Joy’s request, but that it didn’t stop him from being completely aroused throughout the scene.

Fifty added that Joy had to have felt his state of being while they were so close to each other, but that she never commented on it.

Enough to Go Around

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After Howard brought up some of the rap wars 50 is allegedly having with his colleagues, Howard asked him about his love life.

Fifty responded that he’s just focusing on having a good time and that he actually had two women, whom he just met yesterday, in his hotel room this morning. Seeing as he left the two near-strangers in his room unattended, Robin wondered if 50 brought his valuables with him to the show, which he said he did.

Fifty went on to explain that he knew only one of the women’s names and that he was interested in her when he approached her after a premiere for his movie.

Robin commented that with all the women 50 has been with, she has never heard his name mentioned in a tabloid story, so he must know how to behave himself in those situations.