Gone But Not Forgotten

November 7, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Because today was Howard’s last broadcast on KXTE-FM, his Las Vegas affiliate, he paid homage to one of his favorite cities in the world.

Howard assured listeners from Las Vegas that he had nothing to do with the station’s decision to drop the show more than a month before the final broadcast, and that he’s disappointed they won’t be able to hear the final 24 shows.

However, Howard did say that they’ll be able to listen to the program he hasn’t been able to do in a decade come January. Howard pointed out that each time the show broadcasted from Las Vegas, everyone treated its crew like kings and queens.

Howard acknowledged the amount of work that was done by the Hard Rock Hotel to make them feel as special as they did, and that the city’s mayor, Oscar Goodman, was nothing but hospitable toward them. Howard added that he knows how difficult it is to get listeners in Las Vegas, which made him appreciate his number-one ratings there all the more. Howard noted that, although Las Vegas fans will have to be patient the next two months, they’ll be pleased with the shows they’ll hear starting January 9.

Howard went on to say that once he moves to SIRIUS, he’ll start going back to Las Vegas to broadcast shows every year, and that they’ll be unlike anything that’s ever happened before.