More News From Roosevelt

November 7, 2005

Howard announced that there was an article about his childhood in “The New York Post” yesterday, but that he wasn’t sure either of the teachers interviewed for the story were his teachers. Howard also mentioned that the article’s reporter approached his parents for the piece, but that they wouldn’t talk to her.

Howard pointed out that the article wasn’t negative, but he could tell it was a rehash of the topic that was covered by “60 Minutes” over the past two weeks. Howard went on to say that he watched most of “60 Minutes” last night and that he’s really looking forward to their piece about him and the show.

Howard admitted that the time he spent with Ed Bradley made him feel like they were friends, so he couldn’t help but notice Ed’s mannerisms during last night’s broadcast. Howard then acknowledged that when he first met Ed he sensed a bit of hostility from him, but that the two started liking each other almost immediately following the initial awkwardness.