Rewriting the Past

November 7, 2005

Marianne Garvey, the woman who wrote the story about Howard that appeared in yesterday’s “Post,” called in to explain her article. Marianne announced that she was put in touch with the people who claimed to have been Howard’s teachers by her publicist and that she believed their stories because of the details they gave her.

Howard pointed out that he didn’t have a problem with the article itself, but wondered why she didn’t contact him about the story.

Marianne responded that her editors wanted an article about Howard right away, so she didn’t have time to get in touch with him. When Howard informed Marianne that she upset his parents by showing up at their house, she apologized and said that wasn’t her intention. Marianne added that she made sure the photographer didn’t get any pictures of Howard’s mom and dad and that she took every precaution necessary so as to not become an enemy of the show.

Robin mentioned she liked the way the article painted Howard as the valedictorian at Roosevelt High School and that his main problem was that he wasn’t popular. Howard noted that he got straight A’s at Roosevelt, but admitted it was because the curriculum there wasn’t difficult.

Howard went on to say that when he moved to Rockville Center before his sophomore year in high school, he was warned by a counselor that his grades would more than likely take a severe dip once he transferred, which they did. Howard added that he wished his childhood really was like what the article made it out to be.