Ralph Gets Another Chance

November 9, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought up that Ralph Cirella was scheduled to host a supefan roundtable that was planned for Sirius, but that he didn’t come through.

Ralph got on the line and explained that he originally pitched a different program idea and that he couldn’t organize the roundtable show because Gary didn’t return his calls.

Howard pointed out that with everything he and Gary are doing, they don’t have time to respond to every question Ralph has. In addition, Howard also mentioned he was disappointed that Ralph didn’t introduce some possible logos and designs to people at Sirius like he was supposed to do.

Ralph acknowledged that he didn’t make the presentation, but added that he was preparing it for a different day when the necessary people would be available to meet with him.

Howard assured Ralph that, despite his recent mishaps, he still wants him to have a place at satellite.

However, Howard added that Ralph will need to start putting in more effort to show that he wants to stick around. Howard then advised him to continue working on the logos and organize the roundtable discussion while never asking him about either of the subjects.