Geraldo Rivera Is Still the Host With the Most

November 9, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Geraldo Rivera is back in the talk show business and he came by to talk about his new program, “Geraldo at Large.”

Geraldo told Howard that he feels nostalgic for him and reminisced about some of his memories of appearing on the show, including the time he boxed Frank Stallone, as well as when Howard ripped on him about his plan to run for mayor of New York City. Geraldo went on to say that Howard’s move to SIRIUS will cause a technological shift, which, he added, isn’t easy for one person to achieve by himself.

Although Howard insisted that regular radio will be just fine without him, Geraldo commented that, in the long run, Howard will have revolutionized the medium yet again.

Sixth Time Is a Charm

Geraldo announced that he got divorced for the fifth time in 2000, but that he’s been able to maintain a friendly relationship with his latest ex, CeCe.

Geraldo mentioned that he’s made enough money during his career to not only take care of his financial responsibilities, but to make sure that CeCe is well-off.

Geraldo, who is 62, added that his new wife, who is 30, is the woman with whom he was meant to be.

Putting His Life on the Line

Howard mentioned that when Geraldo began working for Fox News, his politics seemed to swing to the right.

Geraldo admitted that the combination of September 11, 2001 and both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars affected some of his political views and that, after reporting in Iraq, he couldn’t help but be behind the troops in anyway he could.

Howard responded that just because people don’t support the war doesn’t mean they’re against the troops, a point that Geraldo acknowledged. When Robin questioned how much danger Geraldo actually faced while in Iraq, he replied that a vehicle he was once in was hit with 14 bullets, and that he wasn’t as safe as she thought he was.

The Joys of Growing Older

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard wondered why Geraldo, who just became a father again, decided to have another child given his age. Geraldo responded that not only is his wife at the point in her life where she wants to have kids, but that he’s never been in better shape.

Geraldo added that although he has acted wildly in the past, those days are behind him now, and he wants to devote his time to being a responsible husband and dad.

While they were on the topic of children, Gary wanted to know if Geraldo really would’ve shaved his moustache as he had promised if Michael Jackson was found guilty of molestation.

Geraldo insisted that he would’ve kept his end of the bargain and reiterated his belief that Michael was set up.

Geraldo then mentioned that although he hasn’t gotten a thank you from Michael for his stance, he has been in touch with him in the past and that he has received calls from Michael’s family since his acquittal.

Not So Fast

Geraldo told Howard that he was nervous he’d be kicked off the air for good after Monday and that he wouldn’t have a chance to come in and say goodbye.

Howard admitted that he never considered the fact that he’d be fired on Monday until he saw Gary scrambling around packing. Howard noted that he took down all the pictures that were hanging in his office after Gary convinced him that it might, in fact, have been the end of their run at KROCK and that now all he has on his walls are hooks.