George Takei Calls Into the Stern Show

November 10, 2005

George Takei, the actor who played Sulu on “Star Trek” and who recently made his homosexuality public, called in to talk to Howard.

George explained that although he just announced his homosexuality to the world, he has been with his partner, Brad, for 18 years and that his friends and family have known for quite a while. George also mentioned that he never kept his homosexuality a secret and that he and Brad presented themselves as a couple whenever they went out.

Terminator Triggers Announcement

After noting that he never pleasured himself to any “Star Trek” cast members and that he finds George Clooney to be the most attractive man in Hollywood today, George commented that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the main reason he decided to go public with his news.

George explained that, while Arnold was running for governor of California, he spoke positively about gay rights.

However, George mentioned that Arnold recently refused to sign into law a same-sex marriage bill that would’ve mandated California to recognize marriages between homosexuals.

George commented that because Arnold didn’t keep his promise in regard to supporting gay rights, he figured it was a good time to make his lifestyle known.

Howard’s Appeal Knows No Bounds

George mentioned that he met Brad at a gay running club and that, before the AIDS epidemic, he used to frequent bathhouses. George reported that he is now starring in a play called “Equus,” which he described as “heaven” because of the fact that he gets to work with six muscular guys who never wear shirts.

George also recalled that the first time he came on the show, Howard asked him if he had a big dong given his deep voice.

George said he was astounded by Howard’s straightforwardness and has been a fan of his over the years because of it. When Howard wondered if George finds him attractive, George replied that he believes his ideas and way of thinking are attractive and, if he was single and thought Howard would be into it, he’d be interested in getting to know him better.