The Roast Will Go On

November 10, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that the plans for his SIRIUS roast are still being put together, but that he isn’t sure who will appear on it. Robin and Gary both noted that they liked the idea of having funny comedians roast Howard, whether they’re fans of his or not, because it’ll be like nothing that’s ever been heard thanks to the lack of censorship. Howard suggested that instead of airing the roast live, they record it, edit out any parts that bomb and then play it during the first satellite broadcast.

However, Gary recommended that, no matter how Howard wants the roast to be conducted, he push back its air date for a couple days after the first show. Gary reasoned that with all that’ll be on Howard’s mind during his maiden broadcast, he’ll want the floor to talk about a number of things, a luxury he wouldn’t have in the middle of a roast.