Dennis Rodman Talks Dating Madonna, His Breakup With Carmen Electra, and Who the Love of His Life Is Now

When Dennis Rodman came into the studio, Howard mentioned that he was surprised to learn in his new book, "I Should Be Dead By Now," that Carmen Electra was the love of his life.

Dennis told Howard that when he wrote the book that statement was true, but he has since found a different woman – namely his wife, Michelle – who has taken that title. Howard also pointed out that he was shocked to read that Carmen called Dennis the N-word during their first lovemaking session.

Dennis replied Carmen didn't mean the word in a racial way and that she was just caught up in a moment of passion. Even though Howard said the remark suggested Carmen was conscious of Dennis' race, Dennis insisted she was being playful with her use of the word and not derogatory at all.

While You Were Sleeping

Dennis admitted Carmen broke up with him after she discovered he was cheating. Dennis went on to say the woman with whom he was cheating with used to drive him to his dates with Carmen, so, given the fact she didn't care he was having sex with more women than just her, he couldn't figure out why Carmen got so upset.

Dennis also mentioned he and Carmen got into one noteworthy fight during their relationship. Dennis explained that while he was sleeping, Carmen had taken a piece of uncooked macaroni and inserted it "where the sun don't shine." After Howard commented that he heard Carmen did it because Dennis had relieved himself on the bed, Dennis replied that he doesn't mind being touched down there, as long as he'd given time to prepare for it.

Dennis the Daddy

Howard brought up that Dennis has had a wild life and talked about how one former girlfriend, Madonna, wanted him to be the father of her baby. Dennis said that was true and recalled one time when Madonna made him fly from Las Vegas to New York just to have sex with her because she was ovulating. Dennis added that Madonna would be the perfect woman to get pregnant because she would never hound him for child support.

Since he was on the topic of children, Howard asked Dennis about his strained relationship with his 16-year-old daughter. Dennis acknowledged he hasn't been in touch with his child as often as he'd like but that he's working on correcting the situation. Howard advised Dennis to do whatever he had to do in order to see his daughter.