Federline on Her Mind

November 15, 2005

Shar Jackson, the woman who Kevin Federline left for Britney Spears, called in to tell Howard her side of the breakup story. Shar reported that she and Kevin had one baby together, and that she was six months pregnant with their second child when he split. She went on to say that Kevin met Britney at a nightclub, and that he confessed his affair with her the night before incriminating pictures were set to appear in various tabloids.

Shar claimed that Kevin insisted to her that his relationship with Britney was a one-time deal, and that he wanted to return to their home to be with her and raise their children. However, Shar recalled that soon after he arrived back, Kevin told her he had to go to Japan for 4 weeks to shoot a music video, but that she found out he was actually shacking up with Britney during that time.

Wishing Them Happiness

Shar, who used to be on the show, “Moesha” and who currently stars in “The Bernie Mac Show,” admitted that it was difficult seeing pictures of Kevin and Britney when they first got together, but that she has since cooled off a bit. In fact, Shar noted that Kevin does all he can for their kids, and that she holds no grudges toward either him or Britney.

Howard was surprised to learn that Shar isn’t making Kevin pay her alimony or child support, but she responded that she’s more interested in having him be there in some capacity for their children. Shar added that Kevin does contribute money to trust funds he established for their kids, so he is contributing some cash for their futures.