Stern Show Staff Retires a Few Clips

David Bowie and Richard Belzer Get one final spin

November 15, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mentioned they needed to retire some more of their clips, so he decided on David Bowie’s performance of “Fame” that he sang at Howard’s birthday party in 1998.

Gary remembered that the party was one of the weirder scenes ever on the show, noting that it took place at night, people like Mayor Giuliani were in attendance, and the Wack Packers were in a mosh pit during Bowie’s performance. After playing the clip of “Fame,” Gary noted that David agreed to perform that song as well as “I’m Afraid of Americans,” but that he refused to be interviewed. Tom came into the studio and commented that his neighbor at the time was such a big fan of Bowie’s that he begged for tickets to the party, which Tom gave him. Tom then said that his neighbor was so crazy at the event that, during “I’m Afraid of Americans,” he had to get security to pull him off a pole on the stage where David was singing.

Despite the positive memories, Gary pointed out that the night was far from perfect. He revealed that another surprise he had lined up for Howard was a live performance via satellite from a concert Billy Joel was performing, but that Billy ended up playing a different song than the one to which they agreed, so he had to cut it out of the show. In addition, Gary said that scheduled guests Michael Keaton and Iman, Bowie’s wife, both canceled at the last minute.

Chevy and Jon Get Their GoodByes

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A listener requested that Howard retire the call he and Richard Belzer made to Chevy Chase after Chevy made some negative comments about him while on “Larry King Live.” Howard explained that the remarks Chevy made weren’t made during his interview with Larry, but while the two conversed as the show was airing commercials. Since neither Fred nor Gary had the tape of the call, Howard played an “apology” Chevy made to him.

However, despite Chevy’s initial intention when he made the call, he ended up chastising Howard for bothering him on the set of one of his movies with a phone call and then for bullying his maid on the air as well – neither of which were true. Chevy went on to claim that he never listened to Howard’s show before hanging up on him. Howard noted that he was once also in a feud with Jon Bon Jovi, but that, like Chevy, Jon decided he wanted to make things right between the two of them by appearing on the show. Howard then retired the tape of Jon’s peace offering to Howard; performing “With a Little Help From My Friends” during Howard’s birthday show in 1992. Howard went on to say that since that day he and Jon have become good friends, and that they socialize together privately.

It Just Doesn’t Add Up

Howard brought up how disappointed he is that he isn’t being allowed to take his tapes with him to SIRIUS. Especially given the fact that he has spent an estimated $1 million of his own money to preserve them throughout the years. Howard admitted that he was at fault during his last contract negotiation with Infinity for not pushing to get the rights to his tapes, but added that he feels the offer he made to Joel Hollander to compensate the company for any money he receives through their use was more than fair. Howard went on to say that not one single additional person will subscribe to SIRIUS if he’s granted permission to take his tapes with him, so he can’t understand what the company’s problem is. Tom assured Howard that the company’s refusal to give him his tapes doesn’t stem from spite, and that they’re simply following the terms of the contract he himself signed.