Pushing ‘Til the End

November 16, 2005

A listener called in and told Howard that he was heavily bleeped during his discussion with Tom. Howard found out that he was censored because he let the word “a**hole” slip, even though his use of the word was not sexual. Howard explained that, because he has been so controversial during his career, there are people in each of his markets who spend their mornings listening to the show hoping to hear something they can file an indecency complaint about.

Howard went on to say that these few people generate so many complaints that it gives the impression that thousands of people are offended by what he says and does – even though its really only a few.

Because of this, Howard said he is more heavily targeted than anyone else in radio, so while other talk show hosts are allowed to use certain language, he is not. Howard added that he’ll be happy to trade the number of listeners he currently has for the freedom to do the kinds of shows he wants, a freedom, he mentioned, he’ll have at SIRIUS. Howard again noted that he’ll be discussing everything SIRIUS has to offer more fully on “Late Show,” and added that he hopes Dave just lets him talk.

Artie wondered how Howard handles pre-interviews, and Howard responded that he doesn’t do them. Howard noted that he’s much more comfortable engaging in spontaneous conversation when he goes on talk shows, and that he has built up enough credibility that producers give him free reign when he appears.