Governor McGreevey Sends His Best

November 29, 2005

Following months of trying to get former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey on as a guest, Howard announced he had the next best thing: a recorded message from the guy.

Howard explained that one of his interns, Adam, goes to the same gym as Gov. McGreevey, and was able to get the governor to say a few words on Howard’s behalf. In his message, Gov. McGreevey mentioned that he loves the show, and thanked Howard for all the lobbying he has done for stem-cell research and free speech.

Gary informed Howard that he thought the only reason Gov. McGreevey, who came out of the closet while in office, talked to Adam was because Adam’s good looking. Howard then invited Adam into the studio, and acknowledged that he was attractive.

After Howard thanked Adam for his effort, Artie pointed out that Adam is an aspiring standup, and that he actually opened for him during one of his gigs in New Jersey not long ago. Howard proceeded to ask Adam to tell his best joke, to which he replied that he had his first threesome recently, because he had sex with a pregnant woman. Howard assured Adam that his joke was funny, even though he wasn’t laughing.