A Cough and a Hard Place

November 30, 2005

Howard brought up that he’s been trying to avoid getting sick, but that he almost caught a bug recently when he took Beth to see the Broadway musical, “Sweeney Todd.”

Howard started the story by acknowledging that he usually doesn’t like going to the theatre, but that he gave in this time because one of Beth’s friends was starring in the production. Howard then recalled that as soon as he sat down in the theatre, the 19-year-old kid behind him not only started coughing, but that it was a wet cough and filled with phlegm. When Howard turned around to shoot the guy a dirty look, he noted that the cougher was wrapped up in sweatshirts and his face was dripping sweat. Howard knew the kid must be sick. Howard added that Beth could tell he was becoming agitated, so she warned him to relax. Howard said he tried to avoid the cough by leaning forward, but the planned backfired as well, because the man sitting in front of him kept burping what he thought smelled like salami.