More Marriage Bliss

December 1, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bob’s daughter, Jess, entered the studio to talk about her dad and his latest temptation. Jess reported that Bob has been staying with her and her 23-year-old roommate during his visit to New York, and that she sees him falling into the same trap he did before.

Howard then explained that Bob’s current wife used to be one of Jess’ friends, and that the two had an affair and ended up getting married after Bob impregnated her. To further complicate the story, Bob said that Jess’ roommate runs seven miles a day and has a perfect body.

In addition, Bob mentioned that he recently had to use the bathroom while his daughter’s roommate was showering, and that Jess told him he should go in even though the 23-year-old woman was naked and right next to the toilet, he should just make sure he didn’t look.

Bob also commented that the roommate later mentioned that she wouldn’t have had a problem had he relieved himself while she was washing up. Bob admitted that if he wasn’t married and if the woman in question wasn’t Jess’ friend, he’d find her attractive.

Because of what happened before, Howard noted that he envisioned that when Bob comes to visit the show on SIRIUS, the first thing he’ll say is that he left his current wife for Jess’ roommate.

However, Bob assured Howard that wouldn’t be the case, because he wouldn’t be able to afford another divorce.