Goodbye to Every Celebrity’s Worst Nightmare

December 5, 2005

Howard got Gary Garver on the line for his farewell. Gary reminded Howard that he did his first celebrity interview in 1991, and that he originally became a part of the show after Baba Booey told Infinity execs that they needed someone to do celebrity interviews on the West Coast whenever necessary.

Gary said that his favorite clip he ever did was when he interviewed O.J. Simpson on a golf course, which Robin noted was the one she liked best as well. In the clip, Gary confronts O.J. and some of his friends, and asks him questions about his kids and the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole.

Howard pointed out that he thought it was funny the way O.J. kept telling Gary that he was on the course illegally and that he was going to call “the marshals” on him, before he and his friends ended up grabbing Gary’s microphone and the camera.

Howard then played Booey’s favorite clip of Gary, which was when he interviewed Joe Pesci, before also retiring Gary’s interview with Leon Spinx. Before he went to break, Howard also played a tape of Gary interviewing George Takei, which elicited the famous laugh Fred often uses during the show.