Dave Jockers Calls in to Say Goodbye

Howard express gratitude for the WNCX board operator

December 6, 2005
Photo: Shutterstock

Dave Jockers, the board operator for the show’s Cleveland affiliate, WNCX, called in to say goodbye this morning.

Howard noted that Dave has been instrumental in some of the bits they’ve done since the program made its debut in Cleveland in 1992, and that he appreciated all the work he’s done.

Dave recalled that when he first started at the station, he had to pick a morning show, and was thus presented with tapes of various programs. Dave admitted that he had never heard of Howard at that point, but was blown away by what he heard.

Dave went on to say that, although he is now the assistant program director at WNCX, he still mans the board every morning for Howard’s show because he loves it so much.

Howard responded that Dave should try to make the trip to New York on December 16th, because he’d like for him to be a part of his final broadcast.