The Good and the Bad

December 6, 2005

Howard commented that, as much as he liked the reporter and photographer who worked with him for his article in the current “New York Magazine,” he couldn’t understand why the photo editor chose the picture he did for the cover.

Howard explained that one of the processes the magazine’s photographer used when taking his picture was to have all the lights off in the room, and then employ a bright flash to capture the image.

Howard added that he went along with the experiment even though he squinted each time it was employed, but never thought one of those pictures would be used for the cover – yet it was.

Howard also said that although he doesn’t require final say over which photographs are used in magazines, he’d at least like to see the pictures and give his opinion as to which ones should be used.

Since he was on the topic of his media blitz, Howard mentioned that he read that 17.8 million people tuned into the 8-8:30 p.m. portion of “60 Minutes” on Sunday, which was when his piece aired, and that it was the number one show in that time slot.

Howard then read a quote from an expert on television ratings who said that the average number of viewers “60 Minutes” usually has during that time frame is only 10 million people.