Things Begin to Heat Up

December 6, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard began the show reporting that Gary got into an argument yesterday with Richie Herby, KROCK’s chief engineer, about construction being done in the studio.

Howard explained that since David Lee Roth is demanding that the studio have a window once he takes over in January, the people at the station are doing everything they can to accommodate him.

However, Howard added that he’s told Richie that he won’t do his show if there’s construction going on, and that there will be plenty of time between his final broadcast and David’s first show to get to the window.

Gary noted that he realized something was going on in the studio yesterday afternoon when he felt his office wall vibrating. Gary went on to say that when he entered the studio, he found Richie giving instructions to a guy who was sawing at the wall with a big power saw. Gary pointed out that, even though he hasn’t done a radio show, the people at KROCK are already more afraid of David than they ever were of Howard.

In fact, Gary commented that the whole situation reminded him of how NBC execs treated Howard after he left there, because they gave Soupy Sales, his replacement there, a bigger studio than the one he had.

Seeing the Light

To make matters worse, Gary noted that Tom Chiusano didn’t even know about the construction. After Howard and Gary both said that Tom seems to be falling apart physically because the move, Tom came into the studio and insisted that wasn’t the case. Tom acknowledged that he has a cold he hasn’t been able to shake, but that was the extent of his health problems.

Tom went on to tell Howard that he stopped the construction as soon as he found out about it, and also made sure that all the dust it left was vacuumed up. Tom also explained that David is demanding the window because he wants light in the studio. Howard replied that no matter how big the window is, it’s going to be difficult to get light seeing as the studio is located in a building.

I Want to Park My Bicycle

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In addition to the window, Howard also revealed that since David plans on riding his bike to work everyday, Tom has gone out of his way to arrange for him to have a place to park the thing.

However, Tom informed Howard that wasn’t quite the case, but acknowledged that they are trying to work out an arrangement for the bike. Tom then said that, except for Artie and Benjy, he loved everyone in the studio, and that he would miss the group once the show ends.

Howard responded that was a nice gesture on Tom’s part, but added that if David wanted to scale the building every morning to get to his office, he’d arrange for it. Howard then commented that the equipment in the studio was configured differently today, and that he had a direct view of Benjy because of it.

This led Howard to recall that he recently attended a meeting in the studio, and that two interns popped out of the back in the middle of it. After Howard explained that the interns were inventorying carts and hiding from everyone, Gary noted that Howard looked like he had seen a mouse when the interns revealed themselves.

To avoid potential problems in the future, Howard said he wants all interns wearing bells from now on.