Donald Trump Talks Net Worth

December 7, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Donald Trump entered the studio to say goodbye, Robin pointed out that he seems to always be wearing a pink tie.

Donald responded that he used to wear red ties, but that, following a bad business day while sporting one, he switched to pink and has never looked back.

Howard brought up the fact that Donald wasn’t happy with a recent, unauthorized biography written about him, and that he actually revealed how much money he’s worth just to combat certain claims in the book.

Donald explained that since his net worth is an important part in many of the business deals he makes, he had no choice but to get the truth out there, especially since the book alleged he was worth $250 million when it was revealed in Forbes that he’s actually worth more than $2.7 billion.

High in the Sky

Howard said that he read recently that John Travolta owns two Boeing airplanes, and he asked Donald how he could afford such things. Donald told Howard that he knows John, and that he buys old planes, and then fixes them up.

Donald went on to say that, because taking a private plane from New York to Florida and back, for example, would run roughly $50,000, it’s smart for plane owners to sometimes take commercial flights instead of their own aircraft.

However, Donald added that when he’s presented with such a dilemma, he almost always chooses to fly in his own plane.

Small Window of Opportunity

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard wondered if Donald still found his wife, Melania, attractive now that she’s five months pregnant.

Donald replied that there’s something sexy about pregnant women in general, but that Melania took the look to a new level because she “blew up in all the right places.”

Howard then noted that even if Donald still thinks Melania is gorgeous while she’s pregnant, he couldn’t see him feeling the same way if she doesn’t get back in shape shortly after the baby is born.

When Donald mentioned that Melania had the kind of body that will be able to bounce back into shape a day after the birth, Howard told him he thought it was nice he was giving her an entire day to recuperate.

Remembering the Donald

After telling Howard that he orchestrated one of the most brilliant ad campaigns in history by promoting SIRIUS on the air for the past year, Donald had some of his most memorable clips retired.

The first tape Howard played was of Donald’s last appearance from the fall, when he critiqued, often harshly, the looks of stars such as Carmen Electra, Halle Berry and Pam Anderson.

Howard then played a tape of an on-air argument Donald had with A.J. Benza, shortly after Donald allegedly stole A.J.’s girlfriend. Following the clips, Howard informed Donald that he’d be interested in having him do a show on SIRIUS where he talked about nothing but women, but admitted that he probably wouldn’t be able to afford his rate for such appearances.

They’re All Friends Here

Howard asked Donald if he was feuding with Martha Stewart, and what his thoughts were on her failed attempt at her own version of “The Apprentice.” Donald assured Howard that he has a good relationship with Martha, and that she’s magical, although he didn’t think she was able to bring that magic to her show.

Donald went on to admit, though, that he was somewhat happy that Martha’s show wasn’t a hit, because he felt the headlines would’ve torn him apart if she’d have beaten him in the ratings.

Ralph called in and told Donald that as much as he loves “The Apprentice,” he doesn’t like all the sponsorships that are appearing on the show as of late.

Donald acknowledged that he has heard that complaint before, as well as the one that there isn’t enough boardroom time in each episode, and that he’s working on correcting the issues.