Showing His Love to Howard

December 7, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that he got an e-mail last night from Sal, who wanted to know if he was attending tonight’s KROCK Christmas party. Howard went on to mention that the letter also said if he wasn’t going, then Sal wouldn’t show up either.

Sal came into the studio and explained to Howard that, since they’re “friends,” he figured it’d be fun if the two of them socialized sometime and thought the Christmas party seemed like the perfect opportunity for that to happen.

Sal also reasoned that he thinks he and Howard should hang out because of all the stress they’re under with the upcoming move to SIRIUS.

Howard responded that he doesn’t consider Sal a friend, and that everyone else on the show is going through the same pressures as he is, yet Sal doesn’t ask any of them to get together. After denying that he hasn’t asked other people from the show to hang out, Sal then revealed that he admires Howard, and that his presence makes him feel comfortable.

Sal’s Jealousy of Vinnie

Because Howard has gone out of his way to ignore Sal at past social gatherings, Robin wondered why he thought his reaction would be any different at this party.

Sal admitted that he became jealous when he heard Vinnie Favale reminiscing yesterday about a trip to New Orleans he had taken with Howard, and added that he thought they would get along if he was given the chance to show what kind of guy he was. Sal again pointed out that he believed the Christmas party would be a good place for them to interact since they’re feeling the same emotions about the SIRIUS move.

A Dingless Night

Ralph got on the line and informed Sal that the reason Howard hasn’t befriended him is because he tries too hard. Ralph went on to say that he was able to become friends with Howard when they first started to get to know each other because he didn’t make a big deal out of it.

After responding that Ralph’s calm around Howard now only because he’s been “desensitized” to his presence throughout the years, Sal pointed out that he turned up his computer speakers last night to their highest volume so that he could hear the “ding” signifying he had received an e-mail. However, Sal commented that he never did get a reply email from Howard.

When Obsessions Go Bad

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mentioned that he might make a brief appearance at the KROCK party, but that he is otherwise tied up tonight with family commitments.

Although Sal acknowledged that Howard didn’t pay any attention to him at last year’s Christmas party, he added that he was hoping this time would be different.

Just to see how far Sal’s obsession extended, Howard then asked him if he remembered what he was wearing at last year’s party. Of course, Sal recalled Howard’s wardrobe down to the color of his shirt and jacket. Sal proceeded to tell Howard that although he loves his mother more than he loves him, he’d rather spend Christmas with him than his mom.

Howard replied that if he ends up hosting a viewing party at his apartment for next month’s premiere of “Super Twink,” Sal will not be invited to attend.