Seven Years of Joy

December 8, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Steve Grillo, who used to be Howard’s intern and was responsible for his breakfast for nearly seven years, returned to the studio for the final time.

Howard reported that after Steve tried to pursue a career in show business, he ended up training to be an electrician. However, Howard went on to note that Steve dropped out of the program, and found out that he’s currently working as a bartender.

Steve explained that, although he would’ve been making more than $40 an hour as an electrician had he stuck with his training, he simply didn’t like the work enough to continue with it. Steve also said that he’s decided to once again make an attempt at a Hollywood career.

The first clip of Steve that Howard played took place shortly after he had written “Private Parts,” which he dedicated to his interns, with a special mention going to Steve.

In the clip, Steve was read the dedication, and was so honored by what was printed that he incorrectly said the word “debit” instead of “debt,” which drew a reaction from everyone involved.

Gary remembered that when Steve quit several years ago, he got mad at him for hiring K.C. as a replacement so quickly. When Steve responded he was hurt only because there seemed to be no emotion involved with his leaving, Howard explained that they needed to find someone else to do his job, and that it wasn’t personal.

Steve then told Howard that if he had any room for him at SIRIUS, he’d love to work for him again. Howard promised Steve he’d look into the matter and let him know if he comes up with a position.