Crack Whores Have Opinions Too

December 9, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought up that “Crack Whore View” made its SIRIUS premiere last night, and that it went well. Howard explained that the show consists of real-life crack whores who discuss the same topics that were talked about on that day’s “The View.”

Howard then played a clip of the broadcast, where the girls had a conversation about a new reality show, “Black. White.”

After the panelists commented on the program’s premise – which allows a black family and a white family to “switch races” through makeup – they had a conversation about whether it’s easier to be a black crack whore or a white crack whore.

Following the tape, Howard noted that particular discussion took place at the end of the broadcast, and that he thought the women were starting to get antsy because they hadn’t had any crack for half an hour.

Robin reported that, although she missed the debut of “The Crack Whore View,” she did catch a replay of Jeff the Drunk’s session with Dr. Ellen McGrath on “Meet the Shrink.” Robin went on to say that the program actually made her feel sorry for Jeff.