Planning a Pilgrimage

December 9, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robin reported that the panelists on a recent “Super Fan Roundtable” predicted Howard would be the one person from the show to cry during the final broadcast.

Howard responded that since he plans on speaking from the heart when he makes his speech that morning, he could see himself getting choked up. Howard went on to say that he actually considered canceling the plans he had for next Friday’s festivities after he thought about the fact that it’s not really going to be their last show.

However, Robin told Howard that she’s heard of many people who are traveling to New York that day from all over the country just to be a part of the parade, and that they’re treating the event like a right of passage.

Robin added that many of these fans are also looking at the final show on regular radio as a way of getting together with each other, which, she added, is something that hasn’t happened for years.