Ears to the Ground

December 12, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard reported that he heard two rumors over the weekend and that he wanted to talk about them on the air. For starters, Howard noted that someone informed him Tom Chiusano was set to fire all the KROCK disc jockeys at 2 p.m. today.

Gary added that, although the station isn’t switching to its all-talk format until January, there is technology that would allow music to be played without the need for disc jockeys, so he thought the rumor could very well be true.

However, Tom quickly came into the studio and assured Howard no one was being fired this afternoon. Tom did admit that there is a meeting with the employees planned for later today, but that it will be to discuss the direction the station will be going, and not to fire people.

The next rumor Howard heard was that he will be fired after Thursday’s broadcast so that Friday’s parade doesn’t happen.

Tom replied that if that plan exists, he hasn’t heard about it.

Gary then said that Tom not knowing about the plan wouldn’t surprise him, because he felt the higher-ups wouldn’t want him to know about something of that magnitude given his relationship with Howard.

Although Howard noted that there was probably no truth behind the rumor, he promised that he’d still show up for the parade whether it was broadcast or not.