Questions About a Story

December 12, 2005

Howard commented that he’s still doing a good deal of press for his SIRIUS move, and that articles about him appeared in recent editions of “Newsday,” “The Daily News” and “The New York Post.”

This led Robin to point out that she didn’t like the “The Post” story, which Howard agreed wasn’t what he thought it’d be.

Howard explained that the piece was written by a former intern, and that instead of focusing it on satellite, it dealt largely with her experience working for him.

The writer of the story called in and defended herself, claiming that editors removed the parts of her piece she had written about SIRIUS.

In addition to the content of the article, Howard also noted that the woman wrote he was being “flirtatious” with her during their discussion, which he claimed wasn’t true.

The reporter reminded Howard that, as she was leaving, he instructed her not to write anything bad about him, a comment that she took as a playful, flirty gesture.

However, Howard informed her that his remark wasn’t a sign that he was coming onto her, as the word “flirtatious” implies, and that he made a similar statement to Ed Bradley after meeting with him for the “60 Minutes” story.

Howard then assured the writer that he had no real problem with the story itself, but that he didn’t appreciate having taken the time to be interviewed when the piece was more about her than it was him.