It’s the Thought That Counts

December 13, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard began the show talking about the DVDs he received as a Christmas gift from Scott the Engineer and how he’ll end up never watching them.

Scott pointed out that he picked the DVDS – which were “The Dick Cavett Show: John & Yoko” and “The Dick Cavett Show: Rock Icons” – because he thought Howard would like them, not because he didn’t know what else to get.

Howard responded that he gets tons of DVDs as presents, but that he never watches them and usually gives them to other people.

Artie proceeded to vouch for Howard’s statement, noting that the box set of “The Honeymooners” that he bought for him one Christmas went straight to Scott DePace.

Howard then explained that he simply doesn’t watch DVDs very often and that he’s convinced people own movies just so they can stare at the cases on their shelves.

A Man and his Movies

Vinnie Favale is so obsessed with his DVD collection that he bought a media server so he can copy all his movies into digital form and keep them stored in one place.

Howard then commented that he thinks Vinnie is more interested in cataloguing and ripping music and movies than he is listening to or watching them, especially because he doesn’t do much work at CBS during the day, thus he has the time to engage in other activities.

Gary agreed with Howard’s assessment and added that, since Vinnie often has a five-hour block in the afternoon where he doesn’t do any work, his schedule permits him to focus on his hobby.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After Howard revealed that he doesn’t like getting DVDs, gift certificates or bottles of wine as presents, Gary mentioned that he likes shopping for Robin much more than he does for Howard. Gary explained that whenever he has to get Robin a gift, all he does is call Mr. X, who gives him a detailed list of choices.

Gary once again employed this strategy for Robin’s Christmas present and bought her a certificate for a massage at her favorite massage parlor. Gary also commented that, when he picked up the certificate yesterday, he was expecting the parlor to be extravagant, but that, instead, it was in the basement of a building located next to a fortune teller.