A ‘Bronk-Less’ Parade

December 14, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With all the talk about people making speeches on Friday, Benjy told Howard that he was upset that he wouldn’t be given the opportunity to say a few words.

Although Artie came to Benjy’s defense on the topic, Howard insisted that there won’t be enough time for everyone to talk and that Benjy was a casualty of the time restrictions they’re facing.

Gary then informed Benjy that leaving his name off the list was an oversight on his part and that he should’ve approached him about the mistake off the air so they could’ve worked out an arrangement. Despite Gary’s claim that forgetting Benjy was an honest miscue, Howard commented that he didn’t want Benjy speaking during the parade. Howard then said that he’d allow Benjy a chance to address the crowd only if he could find someone on the list of speakers who was less interesting than him, a challenge that Benjy failed.