Gary Cracks Under Pressure

December 14, 2005

Howard announced that he was so sick that he called Gary this morning and told him that he wouldn’t be able to do the show. Howard explained that, instead of playing a “Best of Stern,” he recommended that Gary sit in his chair and anchor the show himself. However, Howard noted that, since Gary basically admitted he wasn’t up to handling such a task, he decided he had to come in for the show, even though he felt even worse than he did yesterday.

Gary came into the studio claiming that he had told Howard during their conversation that he’d be glad to help him out, but also admitted that he thought out loud about some of the problems he might encounter.

Howard responded that hearing Gary address his concerns was enough to suggest that he didn’t want to be in charge and that, if he really was interested in helping, he would’ve said he could’ve done it without bringing up potential problems.

Howard also pointed out that Gary advised him to do the show himself because there are only three left. Gary acknowledged that he did say that to Howard, but added that, again, he spoke without thinking. As Gary attempted to further explain his reluctance to fill in for Howard this morning, Howard insisted that he didn’t have enough strength to fight with him and proceeded to kick him out of the studio.

When Robin commented that Gary didn’t come through for Howard, Gary told her, through his intercom, to shut up. Robin then instructed Gary to stay in his “hole,” which led Gary to respond that his “hole” was bigger than hers.

The whole exchange prompted Artie to quip that, although Gary meant his “hole” remark to be an insult to Robin’s work space, it was actually a compliment when made to a woman.