Don Buchwald Makes First In-Studio Appearance

King of All Media shares early career advice from his agent

December 15, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Don Buchwald, who has been Howard’s agent from the beginning of his career, made his first in-studio appearance on the show. Howard noted that no one has been more important to his career than Don and that his life changed when he met him for the first time.

Howard went on to recall that, as he was looking to hire an agent, Don sat him down during their interview and assured him that, with the right representation, he could not only be as important as Johnny Carson, but could also make money in the process.

Don responded that he recalled telling Howard that he could earn money first before he compared him to Johnny, but that he too remembered the conversation well.

Howard added that although he was depressed at first after he was fired from NBC, Don was able to convince him within a short period of time that it was the best thing that ever happened to his career.

Don’t Look Back

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that the reason the show has been so successful for so long is because of Don, a sentiment which got a round of applause from everyone in the studio. After Howard told him how much he appreciates everything he has done for him, Don said that the feeling was mutual.

Don went on to point out that he and Howard pioneered their way through radio and television together and that they’re now set to conquer the world of satellite in the same way.

Howard then noted that Don was the one who taught him that he should always be looking to grow as a businessman and that he thinks about that whenever he’s feeling emotional about his move to SIRIUS.

Robin added that Don, who represents her as well, has helped her through some emotional times throughout her career, including some struggles she’s had the past couple of weeks.

Don mentioned that he felt good about being a part of the show, and that he hopes Howard’s fans will follow the show to satellite.