And Then There Was the One

December 16, 2005

Because Robin had left the studio to go to the street, Howard noted that he was the only person remaining in the studio.

Howard once again thanked his radio audience who couldn’t make it to the event and admitted that he was sad to leave. However, Howard added that it was time for him to move on and that he and his fans need to stay united so that the government doesn’t win the free speech battle.

Robin Shows Her Love

Robin started her speech saying that, through all the turmoil the show has experienced over the years, the one constant has been the fans. Robin went on to mention that the only reason the show has lasted for 20 years is because of the people who tuned in everyday and that she appreciated each listener.

Robin added that Howard wasn’t kidding when he announced that today’s celebration was for the fans, before mentioning that no one’s supporters are better than those of the show.

Robin reported that she went to lunch yesterday with some of her coworkers and that it dawned on her while she was there just how great the people involved with the show are.

Robin then said that the party will continue when they move to satellite and that she considers her job, as well as the fans, blessings. Robin closed her remarks by saying, “Let’s rock the future. I love you people.”